KORDES CONSULTING - Aus der Praxis für die Praxis

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Mergers & Acquisition

You are looking at selling or acquiring a consulting engineering business in Germany. I was responsible for numerous acquisitions as well as divestments in Germany and numerous other countries. I am available as your trusted advisor for any deal size on the buyside or sellside. Please have a lock at my references.

Strategy Consulting

You need to review your strategy in Germany or in Europe? Or you intend to expand to new regional markets or new client groups? Maybe you want to add certain services or close a business line? Before you finalize your investment decision you see the need for discussing your plans with an experienced practitioner or you want a detailed business plan to be developed? I would be happy to support you.

Crisis Intervention

You have an unexpected crisis? Maybe a major client is not paying his invoices, your bank is cancelling a loan, you have a reputational problem or a mission critical employee suddenly is gone. In 30 years, I had to manage many such critical situations and I might be able to help - if not, I will tell you.

Advisory or non-executive Board Positions

I am available for membership in supervisory or advisory boards.  My area of experience covers the consulting engineering industry, the construction industry and energy and water utilities - preferable with an international focus.